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Doula Support


All that is needed for the majority of labors to go well is a healthy, pregnant woman who has loving support in labor, self-confidence, and attendants with infinite patience.

— Sheila Kitzinger


My role as a doula is to care for you, your partner and possibly any other family members, during your journey to birthing the new member of your family. I will be there to offer emotional support, practical support, and to offer information and guidance in the choices that are right for you in your birth experience. 


Doula Benefits

There is now a body of evidence around the benefits of working with a doula during pregnancy and birth. Being supported by doula can mean:

  • Consistency of care​

  • Decrease in the length of labour

  • Lower rates of caesarean

  • Lower rates of medical intervention

  • Improved rates of breastfeeding

  • Decreased postpartum depression

  • Greater maternal satisfaction

  • Better mother-infant interaction


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Holding Newborn Baby



Birth Package consists of:

  • 2-3 face-to-face meetings during pregnancy, to prepare for birth

  • Attendance and support at birth

  • 24/7 on call availability for 2wks before and 2wks after due date 

  • 1-2 post-natal visits

  • Use of Birth Pool (if desired)

  • Use of TENS machine (if desired)

As a new doula, my birth package is currently £700. 

*One-to-one Pregnancy and Birth Yoga session can be requested at £25 for 1hr


Working together through your pregnancy, birth and into the first weeks/months of the arrival of your new baby.

Birth and Postnatal Package consist of:

  • Birth Package (as listed)

  • Postnatal support - practical and emotional support for mother and baby

  • Hours and support to be agreed on an individual basis, depending on your needs

  • Booked in 10hr blocks @ £15ph

*One-to-one Pregnancy and Birth Yoga session can be requested at £25 for 1hr

What does a doula do? 

As part of my care for you and your family I will...

  • Provide emotional support as a continuous presence; offering encouragement and reassurance 

  • Provide practical support by helping to create a calm environment, offering suggestions for positions; massage; taking photos if requested; communication with midwives or family; making lots of tea!

  • Provide informational support 

  • Support your choices and your right to informed consent in your birth choices

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 What does a doula NOT do?

Please note that as a doula I do not....

  • Perform clinical tasks, make medical diagnoses or give advice

  • Make decisions for you

  • Speak directly to medical staff where health care decisions are being made

  • Take over the role of the partner

My doula journey

My passion for birth began when I was studying my Social Anthropology BA, I was fascinated in how other cultures view birth and support birthing women. After writing my dissertation on the 'medicalisation of childbirth' my beliefs and desires around my own birth were set - I knew that I wanted to birth in a way that was right for me, where I would have some sense of choice and control over my body and baby. It was probably the first time I came across the word 'doula' too, and was struck by what a special role it was.

Some years later, when I had my own baby, I called upon a doula for support and it was one of the best decisions I ever made! Tragically, my husband at the time had passed away very suddenly when I was pregnant with our son, and I knew I needed as much support as I could get. My doula held me with such beauty and strength throughout my pregnancy and birth, and I had the birth that I wanted, with my little boy being born safely and swiftly at home. I felt empowered, strong and in control. It was the most incredible day of my life. 

Now, my hope is that I can hold you through your journey in pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, so that you can feel fully supported and have the most positive start possible to your journey as a new family. 


All my love and strength to you in this beautiful journey of parenthood.

Gabrielle x 


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