Private or group yoga sessions to support you in your fertility journey

Yoga for Fertility offers you a space where you can really relax, step away from the pressures that can come with any conception journey, and connect with your body, your heart and your heart's desire. By moving the body through yoga poses that support fertility, working with the breath to relax the body and mind, and using meditation/visualisations/affirmations to calm and strengthen you emotionally and mentally, whatever the outcome of your journey may be, you can travel through this chapter in your life with a sense of empowerment and control.

These sessions aim to help you feel:

  • Strong (emotionally and physically); relaxed; calm; grounded; supported; and to release stress

  • A sense of trust in your body and life path

  • A sense of community and that you are not alone

Other benefits:

  • Stimulates the reproductive organs

  • Modifies poses for the varying phases of a woman’s monthly cycle

  • Helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and improve or heal menstrual disorders and imbalances

Where and When?

  • All sessions take place virtually, so you can join from the comfort of your own home

  • They are hosted on Zoom, so you will need a computer and internet access

  • Personal Session times can be flexible

  • Group Sessions are held weekly (get in touch for more details)

Image by Lina Trochez


Yoga to support you in your personal fertility journey

These sessions work one-to-one and will be tailored specifically to your needs, working with your menstrual or assisted fertility cycle (e.g. IVF).

We’ll move through yoga poses, meditation, breathing practices, and visualisations to help support you physically and emotionally in your personal fertility journey.

* Equipment needed = yoga mat and bolster (or cushions)

* Sessions held online on Zoom

£55 per 90min session or

£200 for 4 session block (paid in advance)


Yoga to support your fertility journey, lovingly held in an intimate group

Working with a small intimate group of women, this series of Yoga for Fertility sessions runs as 1 session a week, over a period of 6wks and through at least one cycle. It is a loving and nourishing commitment to yourself and your body.


Each week we’ll move through yoga poses, meditation, breathing practices, and visualisations that support fertility, as well as offer space to connect and share with other women who are moving through a similar experience. 

* Equipment needed = yoga mat and bolster (or cushions/pillows) 

* Group size is a maximum of 6 people, and a minimum of 3 people

* Sessions held online on Zoom

£90 for 6wk series, 1 session per wk for 90mins.